To Wander Alone in Davao

I was at the lounge near Gate 117 in NAIA, very much sleep-deprived, when a woman sat beside me and started to chat me up. I was only too happy to indulge because I was seriously beat up and I am not into sleeping at airports so I let her talk. I probably said 5-10 words in return. She was too freaking lively at 5 in the morning.

I boarded the plane after around 2 hours and 2 guy dentists happened to sit beside me. The whole flight, they were talking about their patients, colleagues, ngipins, surgeries, and what-have-you. It was very… educational, to say the least. I was an unforgiving chismosa.

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The Better Side of Cebu

image13 (002)I think it was just too late – too late for us to visit the once ever proverbial province of Cebu.

Wednesday at 4AM when we headed to NAIA terminal – quite early I know; blame it on the zing-inducing overly sweet white chocolate mocha from Starbucks. It was just too icky.

Surely none of us doesn’t want a tale about 2-hour delayed flights and overpriced Jollibee meals on airports so I’ll skip that part and go straight ahead to how unbelievably hot Cebu is. It is. I was being cooked under the sun. Yes, roll your eyes because duh? It’s summer, what did I expect? Anywhere in this country is scorching during this time of the year. I felt very uncomfortable nonetheless.


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Mt. Pamitinan: Hugot Lines and Making Friends

If only money isn’t so out of reach, I could have traveled into the suburbs of this world. It’s a pity, really, of myself, eating these french fries overlooking the heavy traffic along Makati Avenue when I could be lounging at the Chamantad-Tinyan View Point in Batanes enjoying the serenity of the place, the calming sound of the waves, and the smooth feel of the air against my skin, and a pity of the people I see walking, running, going to work, earning a small amount of salary that could only cover bills when they could be on the cliffs of Riomaggiore in Italy sunbathing with peace and happy songs in their hearts. This society we live in surely tries its best to limit ourselves.

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Mt. Gulugod Baboy: Perspective of the Sleep-deprived

Me, my pamaypay, and Gandalf’s Staff

A day out of the office and a trip into the mountains is surely nothing one should miss. You bet, we didn’t.

We arrived at the DLTB Co. terminal in Buendia-Taft at 3:00AM. We rode the bus going to Batangas City. As sleep-deprived as we were, we decided to sleep it off during the bus ride; except we didn’t.

Ate Pearl and I talked about candidates running for the high government positions this year for two straight hours; so much for sleeping. We could be politically curious at times. It’s a front, really. We just laugh at random stuff most of the times; profundity isn’t our strong suit. Continue reading “Mt. Gulugod Baboy: Perspective of the Sleep-deprived”