I am 22, a registered pharmacist in the Philippines, and currently applying for Law School (should be able to update you in a few months if I got in although I am not keeping my hopes high hehe).

I am a shameless Potterhead, hence my blog name Ariana Diggle (I generated my Harry Potter name on the Bloomsbury website, the UK publisher for all Harry Potter merchandise.)

Image result for potterhead gif

Of all things tangible, books are what I love the most (coffee is a close second). But I created this blog for the purpose of creating an avenue for my thoughts, a means of release, and not solely for book reviews.

I’ve had this blog for so many years, and I’ve revamped it a couple of times. I have reverted most of my years-old posts to drafts. Those posts are a flagrant attestation of my overly emotional hopeless romantic borderline annoying 16-year-old self. Haha.

I like meeting new people for the sole reason that there’s a distinct sense of elation brought from it. So talk to me. ‘Cause if I had a talent, it would be congeniality. :D

Image result for grinning gif

There you go, a gif of Loki, arguably the most charming of all villains. Teehee xo

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