Blog #1: What’s up?

My first blog of the year and it’s almost February. So let’s go back and see what has been up.

Firstly, I felt competitive and pompous enough last January 1 that I pledged 150 books for my reading challenge this year. No surprise I am 6 books behind. Haha. I’m gonna amend that though but maybe next week, next month, or whenever my reading slump finally leaves me because it’s been 2 months and I still can’t get the hang back into reading.

Secondly, I went to Palawan last week. El Nido is such a breathtaking place that my phone felt the need to dive into the ocean together with us. It ain’t in a bikini but who’s stopping? Honestly, it dampened my mood a notch or two. I mean, it’s a phone and what am I gonna use to take photos now? There’s nothing I could brag to friends anymore! Lol. Kidding. I love going through photos from my previous travels and those make me happy and now I have almost nothing to take out from my El Nido experience except of course, the actual experience – dinner by the beach, lunch cooked on an island far, far away from the downtown area, the uber clear waters, the snorkeling, and most specially, the people, which when I think back to all of this, isn’t really so bad. Hot men roam around the area day in day out, it was fantastic. Haha, kidding. The locals in El Nido are the real treasure – extremely nice, and have a unique, funny sense of humor.

After I came back to Manila 4 days later, I went straight to the nearest PowerMac and tried to ask for help regarding my phone. I wasn’t holding any hope as I have been advised from the previous PowerMac I went to (I went to 2) that most probably, they’re going to change the whole unit and I will pay 22,000 pesos. Just great, right? But thank heavens, the girl on the counter ‘hard reset-ed’ my handset and it was poof! charging! Man, why did I never thought about it? Well, because you didn’t know shit about hard resetting your phone, stupid. So yeah, my phone’s back to working!!! I swore to the gods that this time, I’m going to take care of my phone more. Famous last words.

Last night, I was on a PUJ and the stupid me decided to pull my phone out from my bag because I can’t wait to download the La La Land playlist. The movie is promising but I still think it’s overrated. Sue me. So while I was searching for it on Spotify, a hand from outside the jeepney through the wide-spaced-barred window tried to pull my phone out of my grasp. Dude, that was freaking scary. Thank god I had a hard grip.

So for the second time, I almost lost my phone. Almost. But no one’s giving up. We’re gonna make it to the end! After all, we only have each other. Lol.

All of that aside, I also would like to talk about myself. The young me always cared what people said about me. I would feel useless, and I self-loath whenever I learn that some people actually hate me.

But the old, more sensible me is a whole new person. I give not one flying fuck anymore what people say about me. It’s just me, my friends, and this world full of wonders to travel to. Life is epic in its own and I like to spend it with good people, and good places.

The worthless people who thrive on hating on people could very well do it till they die of unrequited hate. I don’t care. I love life and I’ll treasure it by making worthy memories. :)


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