Goodreads Choice Awards 2016: Who I’ve Voted


It’s that time of the year again for all readers! It’s the opening round for the Goodreads Choice Awards 2016. I looked into the nominees and there were genres which I skipped merely because I have not read much from those categories and I’ll leave the voting for those people who read like it’s World War IV tomorrow and were basically able to read everything and got to cover all of the genres. Maniacs, I must say. And I shouldn’t joke about world wars but I lack imagination on similes sooooo… let’s just bear with me. :D

Anyway! Here are my choices!


I remember reading this book and also remember it tugging all of my heartstrings. It was ugly and beautiful, and so innocent yet equally corrupted.


Mystery/Thriller is one of my favorite genres and I am yet to choose one and it is not because I’ve read nothing. I just can’t decide. Nothing stood out among the rest, some were okay, some were better, but not one emerged as distinct or more striking than the rest.

Historical Fiction isn’t really my genre so I skipped that one, too.


I’m sorry, okay? Please forgive my bias heart, I can’t help it. Truly it was very much subpar from the first and original seven books but the Wizarding world has clutched into my heart so I still loved it and I would still choose it over any Fantasy book. I mean, it’s the first series to ever really made me start reading so no one can’t fault me that. I am so defensive, haha. But yes! I voted for Harry Potter! Take that, people! :D


I felt so apart from Romance books this year. I especially hate It Ends With Us. That one irritated me like no other book. It sucked ass. I am in the minority, I know, but I just feel  like Colleen Hoover is making a fool out of her readers, manipulating our emotions. It doesn’t work that way. It just doesn’t feel very genuine for me anymore. And this is the first Hoover book I did not like. Why am I discussing the one I did not vote for? Hahahaha. I voted for Stuck-Up Suit because it was funny and it’s my first Vi Keeland – Penelope Ward book. I charged into it with not much expectation only to be dedicated with a hilarious and endearing premise and characters.

On Best Science Fiction, Dark Matter was the only book I was able to read. It was agreeable to a degree but I believe there was a vital detail I couldn’t have entirely followed. This was a book on multiverse; Physics at its best, and I love Physics. I love science. I love Schrodinger’s cat. Multiverse excites me so I had quite the expectation so I didn’t vote yet. I’ll probably get back to it some time.


This book got opposing opinions, I believe. And it was gripping and nerve-racking for me. I was mentally giving directions to Grace and her sister, my mental pom-poms were also put to good use on the end.


This came as a big surprise to me. The book was unbelievably long but just the same, this is by far my favorite Morgan Matson book. There’s a depth to it – family, friends, and romantic relationships. She got to tackle every one of those and it was delightful. I didn’t like all of her other books. Just thought I gotta mention that. Hehe


As much as I loved a lot of the nominees under this genre, I didn’t have to second guess myself to choose Crooked Kingdom. I mean, Kaz Brekker? Can you not? It also happened that today, I finally got my copy of the Hardbound Crooked Kingdom with bloody edges. It’s so beautiful. <3


I only voted in this category because I loved Lester Papadopolous and I got to experience more of Percy Jackson even for just a little bit, and Leo Valdez is coming back to town! So excuse the bias, but I swear the book was good! Nothing less from Uncle Rick. <3

So there you go!

And here are the genres I skipped. Sadly.


I can’t wait for what others thought about the Choice Awards! :D


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