I hatched a plan before going to a Mayday Parade concert


But didn’t a poem say that the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry?

So the concert was to start at 8PM, and the doors to open at 6PM. I definitely need to make a plan first.

What time should I go to the concert? 12PM is too early. Do I really need to be there before the staff? The bouncers? Definitely overdoing it. 5PM is too late, there will be too many people. 4PM is good, not excessive and normal people go to 8PM concerts at 4PM. Sounds good, I’ll go at 4PM!!!

What do I wear? I really want to wear short shorts, my 2-year-old canon low dark pink pony shoes, and a white shirt. But it’s too OOTD-ish! It isn’t like I am going to try and impress someone??? Right! I am going to settle with a black tank top, dark blue skinny jeans, and black boots. I wear it in front of the mirror and I look like a part of the band and I am not a part of the band and I am just attending a concert and everyone will be singing and why the fuck am I beating myself up for what I am GOING TO WEAR?!?!?! I AM SO MAD! So I didn’t actually settle with the all black old school emo attire. A dress that stops halfway through my legs, and medium-high gladiator skin tone sandals is good. YES, YES, YES. This looks better. Yeah! The concert’s gonna rock!

What do I say when I arrive at the concert hall? “Hi, where should I line up? I have a royalty ticket.” LAME! And impolite! “Hi sir,” I say to the bouncer and he’s gonna ask me what kind my ticket is and he’s gonna point me to the right line. That sounds so much better. I have to talk less and less is good for socially awkward people who make plans for freaking concerts! That’s pretty impeccable, self. Attagirl!

Should I talk to people? I should. Right? Those who will attend love Mayday Parade as well after all. I should definitely talk to people. Like, “Hi. Is it your first time?” “Hey, you excited?” I will probably be sweating so much from so much agitation and the heebie-jeebies.

What should I bring? I have a dslr camera and I have a pass so I should bring it. But it would be too heavy, my iPhone should do. I should also bring my iPad, in case my phone dies from its pathetically low battery lifespan. An umbrella, earphones, charger, scarf (I easily get cold), and also, money enough for band merch. God knows how expensive band merchs are at concerts! Fucking commercialization, right? Haha :D And not to forget, a book! I mean, duh? Books are life and I can’t go anywhere without a book so I should bring a book. Nerdy!!! What book though? Not a Cassandra Clare kind of thick book definitely. Something that I have not read, been wanting to read for so long, and that is handy. Aha! Ready Player One should do.

I was all set! I went to the concert and arrived at 4PM. And there were a lot of people! I knew I should have gone earlier! Probably 4PM the previous day!

I asked a bouncer where should I fall in line and he points me somewhere, so I went there and then they tell me they aren’t Royalty so I had to ask another bouncer (I’m going to freaking die of anxiety!!!) and he points me to another line and so I went there and to be reprimanded again! This is insane!!! And then finally, I was pointed to the right line, thank god.

Then the concert started and everyone is excited and the place was raucous, so loud, and everyone’s pushing and jumping and I was helplessly going where the falling bodies are well falling. And my feet! MY FEET GOT STOMPED SO MANY TIMES! Why did I wear sandals?! Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? That’s the most idiotic plan ever.

But I enjoyed so much! I loved the crowd, the noise, the sweat, the out-of-tune singing, the jumping, and the headbanging! It was so amazing I cried. I went to the concert alone so I was left to my emotions and it was beautiful.

Did you see me mention reading the book I brought? No, I did not. I am not exactly good at making plans. Sew me. :p

I also got so tired from jumping and singing and jumping that I almost lost my breathing. And I didn’t bring my meds, I already said I suck at making plans, right? So I toned down the singing, I stopped jumping for awhile and watched the people around me, smiling their biggest smiles while I catch my breath.

Came the after party. But wait, I did buy a band merch, it was a shirt. And as I have said, it was freaking expensive so I got that part of my plan right. Aha!

I fell in line with a newly found friend, Ivy from PUP. Yaaas! I got myself a friend! ;) So I was waiting till I get to the members of the band and get my new MP band shirt signed. I was shaking so bad like WHAT AM I GOING TO SAY?!?!?!?!?! WHAT SHOULD I SAY?!?!?!




I didn’t say those obviously. My neurons will probably kill themselves from the unreal absurdity of their owner. Though I did say that they throw the best concert ever and that I’ve been a fan for 11 years and I love them and can I get a hug?


I got home and I was crying and I was happy and I know no one will understand my emotions so I didn’t tell anyone how the entirety of it undid my soul and that I absolutely just had THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE.

Image result for so much love gif



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