Book Review: Three Dark Crowns


Rating: 4 of 5 STARS

I will try my best to leave out spoilers for this review. I still am overly ecstatic from finishing this one and I thought it best to write a review now that I am still feeling the most of the book’s aftereffects.

In an island rules a queen – a queen who ascends only after she kills her two sisters. They are sent by the Goddess as triplets who are all equipped with varying gifts (or power) and later on they will use against each other until only one remains. One of them can control the elements – water, air and fire, the other can control the nature and its habitants – she gets the flowers to bloom, and the animals to do as she says, and lastly and the ruling power for a hundred years, the one who plays and dines with the most beast of poisons. Yes, yes, yes. An elemental. A naturalist. And a poisoner. Damn if that isn’t a perfect premise.

But ah, you can’t possibly create such perfect politics without disastrous complications, right? Say a weak Queen or since we’re already into that, say two weak Queens. Naturally, the strongest of the Queens, and the strongest in years with the particular gift, should rule very, very soon. But politics is too complex. I should know, I live in one. The hunger for power is enormous and love and affection are a dangerous bitch. Some are reluctant to play this game with sure catastrophic ending, but everything will fall in their rightful places… or not, tactics will not be played out as planned, unexpected betrayals will come about until only one thing remains to drive them – vengeance.

Anyone who likes fantasy will likely enjoy this. Only likely ‘cause okay, let’s go to that part where I was doubtful about this book.

I almost gave this 5 stars. ALMOST. The first half of the book was dragging and lacking action. It can’t hold my attention for a long time. Would you imagine that I read the first 40% in one day and read the remaining for 3 hours? That, I did.

Kendare Blake is a brilliant author. The last 150 pages were written to perfection. I will definitely read the next installment.


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