My Wizard and Demigod

Revisiting this series has brought more intense feeling than I got myself ready for. I thought I could read each book from the series while I read other books in between and never have I thought very wrong. Once I started the first book, I wanted to read the next. You’d think I have not read it from a year in my very young life. So I finished the first four books in a week. I decided to take a break because I wanted to read another book from another favorite author. You can call him Rick Riordan.

Photo is not mine. I just wanted you to get a gist of what I am going to say next. Imagine reading all of those books, who are all in the same series (not really) but yeah, whatever, I don’t want to explain. Okay, so going back. Imagine reading all those books in the past, and then realizing it all has ended so you’re like


and then you find out that Riordan is releasing another book that will take place in the same setting as the first ten books (Camp Halfblood!!!). You won’t spend one second thinking, and you just

Then you realized it is a story of Apollo turned into a poor, abs-less, acne-full human! I could have not waited very long.

It took me two days to finish the book, 7 hours to be exact, and I didn’t expect to be quite underwhelmed after finishing. I wanted more action but since it’s a 5-piece series, and we all want a proper build-up and development of Apollo’s character, I let that one bit pass. I might be slightly bias. Riordan is one of my favorite, favorite authors.

Seriously, though, I loved Apollo and I am pretty sure that I will read more of his suck-ass poetry, and snort-inducing humor in the next books. I am stoked! As for my dear Percy,


I cannot stand his cuteness! Too much. Just too much.

After finishing the first book for The Trials of Apollo, I went back to reading the fifth installment of Harry Potter – Order of the Phoenix.

Sometimes I try to weigh how much I love Harry and Percy and no one weighs more over the other. They both have a place in my heart.


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Bless my heart. I should probably go back to reading. I still have to finish Harry Potter so I could finally read other books without wizards and witches clouding my mind every so often. Goodbye!!!


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