The Social Animals go Bohol!

We arrived at Tagbilaran Port coming from Cebu at around 10PM. No question we were dead beat. We checked-in into our pathetic excuse for a hotel and slept the night off. In the morning, I woke up pretty early before we went into our island hopping and strode down to the talked-about Alona Beach.

image4 (006)

It might have been too early, the sun has not totally risen yet. I sat there for a couple of minutes and went back to our hotel. We had to be up and ready at 6AM for our island hopping but of course we’re a couple of minutes late. Nevertheless, it was a good morning and we’re an excited bunch. We drove to I don’t know where, just some resort where the Bangka was docked.

image2 (007)image3 (005)

Early morning with the sun rising, the blue, calm ocean, the loud roar of the boat challenging the silence encompassing the purlieus of Bohol – I swear there has been no better day. I bet I could get away to this place anytime. The world is truly beautiful.

After around an hour, we arrived at our first stop – Balicasag Island.

I was 50% excited, 30% shocked, and 20% enraged.

Frances and I decided to try snorkeling for the very first time! Now, the real struggle is with our tour guide. No briefing, no introductory shit, no slowing down, no temporary support. It was freaking awful. We were supposed to get the handles of how snorkel is done by ourselves. I must say we are pretty smart to get the gist but what kind of tour guide does that especially that we kept reiterating that we don’t know how to swim. Christ was it damn awful.

But the better part is and the reason why I let my anger go is I loved snorkeling! It was beautiful! I swear I saw fishes! Hahaha! I was in total bliss. Fear and elation was racking my brain. I mentioned that I don’t know how to swim, right? But I felt too animated to think about drowning and I trusted my life vest so I went and deal with snorkeling like a pro. The downside is we were gopro-less. Three iPhone don’t mean shit if you’re snorkeling so here is a poignant photo I took afterwards.

image2 (004).JPG

Let’s go to the part where I was undeniably shocked. Frances, Aljohn and I were hungry and our last meal was from 6PM of the earlier day so we decided to order breakfast.

2 eggs, a minimal amount of corned beef, two cups of rice for 270 goddamned pesos. The price was freaking overwhelming. We asked for one order ‘coz yeah, we’re poor like that and decided to just share. I’m pretty sure the serving is for the midgets, for Frodo. I bet the food traveled from my esophagus to my small intestines in 5 seconds.

But being the ever positive people that we are, we turned it into some awful but funny joke and laughed about it. We again road our Bangka and went to the next island.

image1 (007)

Hello, Virgin Island!!!

You are very stunning and picturesque! I loved that it is not overly crowded. I loved that there were not so many people. I loved that I got to beheld such splendid place. I even ate my piece of banana cue! Haha. It was a fulfilling feeling!

We took a lot of photos – selfies – to which I opt out on uploading ‘coz surely our faces don’t entertain you. Haha. We stayed for a couple of minutes on the island and went back to where we docked from the early morning.

We checked out from our hotel and went straight to the floating restaurant in Loboc for our lunch. We were so undernourished we needed unli food! Lol. There were a lot of people but it didn’t take us too long to be called.

Look at us so happy waiting! Hahaha. (photo grabbed from Aljohn)

The food was scrumptious… delectable… We could blame that on our hollow bellies. We would have probably missed the poisonous taste if there was one. We’re probably dead by now, rotting in hell because of our exponential hunger.

The view was relaxing to the eyes. There were also kids who were swinging from the trees and diving into the river! It was amusing at best! I loved it!

image3 (004).JPG
I take such good pictures, don’t I?

They were untiring – performing non-stop for the people eating ALL DAY! They must be paid a lot. Or not – because the system? Yeap, we’re all well aware of that.

After eating, we went to the once wonder of the world, Chocolate Hills! But before that, we made a stop at the man-made mahogany forest!

The trees were so long it seemed endless. They looked like watchmen, really long watchmen guarding the road. Such beauty!


image6 (004)Do you see the chocolate hills? No, you don’t. Because I suck at taking pictures. Haha! We went next to the butterfly farm. We ate ice cream on ice candy packs! Go figure that out. Hahahaha. It was delicious though! Anything is delicious for hungry humans. No pictures – I’m too lazy. Lol.

Then we went to the tarsiers!!! I expected too much. I thought there were hundreds and hundreds of them. Nope, there were four little tarsiers that I could crush with my bare hands! Hahaha! These bitches command us to stay silent for quite a stretch of forest because they’re gonna kill themselves from noise???? Bitch, we’re gonna kill you first. Hahaha! Kidding. I am kidding! I am not a murderer. They were just soooooooo minute.

Do you see the tarsier? No, you don’t! Hahaha. Until iPhone has lens similar to DSLRs, I’m gonna keep my mouth shut. Lol.

That ends our Bohol trip. We were so short in time but we enjoyed nonetheless. It was also a bonus that our flight was on time and we arrived in NAIA 20 minutes prior to expected time of arrival. So much love!

Other photos:

Baclayon church destroyed by the earthquake, some butterfly display crap at the farm, and the Sandugo which happened in Bohol way way back in 19xx. I suck at history. Haha. :D





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