Mt. Pamitinan: Hugot Lines and Making Friends

If only money isn’t so out of reach, I could have traveled into the suburbs of this world. It’s a pity, really, of myself, eating these french fries overlooking the heavy traffic along Makati Avenue when I could be lounging at the Chamantad-Tinyan View Point in Batanes enjoying the serenity of the place, the calming sound of the waves, and the smooth feel of the air against my skin, and a pity of the people I see walking, running, going to work, earning a small amount of salary that could only cover bills when they could be on the cliffs of Riomaggiore in Italy sunbathing with peace and happy songs in their hearts. This society we live in surely tries its best to limit ourselves.

Mt. Pamitinan: Building Friendship

All these thoughts I have conjured after traveling to Montalban, Rizal for a hike that made my heart beat excited beats.

Ate Grace and Kuya Ban were planning to go for the twin hike in Rizal, Mt. Pamitinan and Mt. Haponang Banoi, around two to three weeks ago and I decided to include myself into their plan. Sanay naman na akong third wheel, role ko na ‘yun for a better part of my life. Lol.

From Cubao, we arrived at the jump off in 45 minutes. Without so much as stretching or warm-ups, we started to hike our way up to the junction.


Even before I reached the junction, I instantly felt very dizzy, and I almost lost consciousness. I told our guide that I may just stay at the junction and not push through with the hike. This could happen to anyone who have an ailment that makes it hard for your lungs to cope up to the amount of oxygen needed for you to exert a lot of work. With all the might I have left, I climbed with so much effort the remaining steps going to the junction.

It took us around an hour to reach the junction. There we ate bananas like it could instantly provide us enough potassium for the trek. Haha.

Junction between Mt. Pamitinan and Haponang Banoi
Me, Ate Grace, Kuya Ban at the junction

I made a lot of thinking at the junction (lol). It would be such a waste if I made effort to go all the way here and not push through with the hike. I would show you photos from the hike but the nature of the hike could have not allowed anyone to. The rocks were pretty pointed and they looked like limestone which later on I found out to be true. Our guide said they were taken from the ocean.

It took us 1 hour to reach the top of Mt. Pamitinan. The heat and absence of air (like total absence!) added to the fatigue. What took a lot of our time, 1 and a half hour at that, is waiting for our turn to take pictures. There were already a number of people at the top.

While waiting at the top (I kinda look stupid here lol)

I wish the people before us minded the number of people waiting. They took more time than necessary to take pictures. I mean, 2-3 photos could have been enough.

I’m at the top of the world!!!

We reached the summit 5-10 minutes after taking pictures. We stayed there for a really short rest then started our trek down which took us only less than hour. We ate our really pricey lunch and tried to sleep the afternoon off but it was just too hot and the 5 Ateneans sitting beside us were chatting continuously with loud voices and they made usap combining tagalog and English all the while and it was quite nakakainis.

I and Ate Grace decided to opt on hiking Mt. Haponang Banoi already because the heat was just too damn huge for a hindrance. The others in our group started their hike up Mt. Haponang Banoi at around 12 noon. Only an hour after did we see them approaching aready. Apparently, the severity of the heat prevented them to continue going to the summit.

They took around 20 minutes to rest and we started again to trek downwards. There were 13 people in our group and everyone of us is already working so the threat of  sick leaves, and lates for the following weekday morning were parts of our conversation. It was nice. They were very friendly and we caught up rather easily on our choice of topics i.e the hugot lines. It was funny and it took our attention off from the uber hotness of the place. Truly, love is what could unite us… or the absence of love for that matter, hence the hugot lines.

We took a rest and went to Wawa Dam at around 3 in the afternoon.

It wasn’t extraordinary but it was enough for us to dip ourselves in the waters after our trek.

We went back to our jump off from the morning and ate food. We made more small talks about probably more future hikes. At 5PM, we took off and arrived at Cubao at around 7PM.


  1. Wear shoes that are for trekking. It has to have soles that could withstand very rocky climbs.
  2. Bring gloves.
  3. Bring extra clothes.
  4. Bring a whole lot of water… Or not. I don’t know. If bottles of water won’t be a huge factor or won’t be too heavy for you then bring so.
  5. Bring towelssssssss. The S’es should be an indication for A LOT OF TOWELS. Lol.
  6. Bring your boyfriend or your girlfriend. Or your ‘special someone’. Your ‘MU’. You know, when your relationship has no label and you’re stuck at that stage where you kiss each other, hug, go out but you’re not committed. Lol
  7. Take pictures. Let the guide take it for you. Sanay na sila sa mga katulad mong laging mag-isa, at iniiwan. They are nice enough to take your pictures. Huwag ka. Marunong silang kumuha ng angles.
  8. Have fun. Enjoy being at the top. We don’t get to feel peaceful all of the time so feel it, let it flow within your veins, savor the moment.

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