Sexual Liberation

I never realized how perfect human anatomy is until the concept of sex eluded my mind. Did the one divine consider the number of sex positions one could make from a certain configuration of the human body?

But what are the underlying grounds for one to say that a certain human body conception is perfect? We have not seen a body structure other than what have now so the idea of perfect is contentious; probably more fallacious than contentious, now that I think about it. You can’t pose an argument about something that doesn’t exist re basis for the conception of perfect human body structure that allows the most sex positions.

Alas. I am not going to talk about the fundamental nature of sexistence rather I’m going to talk about sex per se.


I’m going to cover the basics of human perception when we talk about sex.

  • When a girl engages in sex before marriage, she gets shamed and called a slut.
  • When a guy engages in sex before marriage, he gets taps in the head and the back for a job perfectly done. 

Sexist pricks, aren’t we?                                     

  • Sex is a basis of respect. Can you imagine how that is very stupid in so many levels?
  • If a girl engages in sex at an early age and she gets pregnant, it’s a blessing and she becomes a strong independent woman. Hold your horses, young mothers. This isn’t a form of mockery. Hypocrisy is more like it.
  • Virginity is the best gift you could give your partner when you marry.
  • Objectifying women is against feminism.
  • Objectifying men is funny and it ain’t anything big deal. Grow up, boys! Take a joke!

Christ, aren’t we all a bunch of hypocrites.

         ; lastly

  • Bible says you can’t have sex before marriage. Stay holy, it says.

Thus, to stay holy, do not have sex before marriage. Suffice it is to say that, you’re holy if you’re a virgin. You’re unholy if a penis has penetrated your vagina pre-marriage.

The logic is damn excellent. I’m impressed.

BASIC THINGS I’m sure the average human mind can grasp you should know about SEXISM AND FEMINISM.

  1. Sexism is the prejudice based on sex.


  • Guys should automatically offer their seat when a girl is standing in a public transportation (i.e. bus)
  • Guys can never get raped.
  • Women get the downside while men get the advantage when both engage in sex.

Stop doing it. Attitude correlates not to gender. Girls are emotional. Guys are strong and dependable. All of that is utter nonsense. Both sexes are capable of what the other sex is capable of.

2.  Feminism is the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.

  • Do you see the key words there? EQUALITY TO MEN.
  • Equality, kids. Not privilege.

We want to have the liberty to do stuff only men originally did – the right to vote, the right to hold public offices, the right to work, own a property, receive education, to fair wages, and more.

Feminism does not tackle offering seats to women in public transportations. 

Feminism talks about preventing domestic violence, rape cases, and sexual harassment but it doesn’t mean that you get to catcall men. It doesn’t mean that you can harass them because they surely like to being offered sex. You cannot objectify men. That’s SEXIST.

Let’s go to the fun part.

The bible claims that premarital sex makes you unholy. But the bible also talks about repentance. You can own up to your mistakes, ask for forgiveness and promise to never do it again. Does that mean you can be “revirginized”? Not technically but it means you can start over. You are holy again. Which contradicts the first statement. Very confusing. And rightfully argumentative. (Thank god, I ain’t into religions.)


How can people ever talk about respect in respect to sex? How do you ever gain or lose respect with the basis of engaging in sex?

Respect is subjective. You can’t treat respect and sex like x’s and y’s.


If a person can stand up to its beliefs and principles, it gains my respect. If a person can accept its mistakes and can learn from them, it has my respect.

If a person favors one person from another just because he is its friend, I question its credibility. If a person thinks with its mouth without internalizations, I question my respect towards it.

I’m not going to lose my respect towards a person just because it likes sex.

Respect ain’t objective. Respect is something you give to a person you admire for its abilities, qualities, and achievements. SEX DOES NOT FALL TO ANY OF THOSE WORDS.


This is the part where I’m going to speak solely based on my opinions.

I have nothing against premarital sex. It doesn’t matter. I don’t believe one has to keep its virginity until it marries. It does not hold value as to how I treat a person. Marriage is about interdependence. Marriage is doing things together for good. Previous sexual intercourses do not play a role on how you, two, will lead your lives.

But if a person wants to keep its virginity till it marries, it’s its call. That’s what it believes in – no one can say anything about it. But this person, too, cannot impose its belief on other people.

It’s all about self-preference.



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